Terms and Conditions for Coupons

Terms and Conditions for Coupons: Steals and Deals is a promotion that has a monthly emailing that is sent to only the people who signed to receive emailed coupons from Six-Pac Recycling. The monthly emailed coupon is only valid for a limited time, and is not valid once expired. Six-Pac Recycling has the right to end the promotion early for any reason. 

ALL COUPONS MUST HAVE A READABLE EXPIRATION DATE. If the expiration date is missing, we will consider your coupon expired. If we cannot read the expiration date, we will assume the coupon is expired. We are not responsible for 3 party typos, or unauthorized coupons being published in print, or on the internet. Old expired coupons that have been posted to the internet by 3rd parties, are not our responsibility to accept at face value. Unauthorized posting of ANY coupons on the internet are not our responsibility to accept at face value. We cannot control what someone else posts to the internet. We will accept expired coupons up to our current coupon rate. This rate changes, so call ahead if you need to know this rate. We will accept competitor coupons up to our current coupon rate, just like expired coupons. 

No photocopies of coupons. Some coupons were meant to be only available from Stator Brothers on the back of an original Stator Brothers receipt. We reserve the right to refuse to honor face value if you bring in a photo copy, digital copy, or print off the internet. This receipt coupon was only meant to be on the back to the Stator Brothers receipt only. We will give you up to our current coupon rate for the Stator Brothers coupon that is not on an original receipt. 

Management reserves the right to not honor your coupon if you are suspected of defrauding, or abusing our coupon promotion(s).  The Steals and Deals coupons and other coupons cannot be combined with any other offers. The Steals and Deals offer and any other coupon hold no cash value. If you remove yourself from our email list, you are the only person who can put yourself back on through the “Update Profile/Email Address” at the bottom of the email. We cannot make these changes for you. Resigning up at will not put you back on the email list. If you report our emails as spam, you are automatically removed from the list and will no longer receive any emails from us.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime without any notice.

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